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The doctors and staff here at the Suwanee Animal Hospital are pleased to be able to offer you an extensive in-house diagnostic center, one of our most prized possessions being our ultrasound machine. This equipment enables us to provide the most current means of screening, diagnosing and monitoring for your pet's many health problems without leaving our clinic! Although, some cases may still need to be seen by a specialist. Ultrasound examination of your pet is a simple, non-invasive way to actually “see” the inside of your pet. We use the ultrasound machine for any soft tissue structures.

The typical ultrasound examination requires NO tranquilization or anesthesia and is easily performed on animals that are fully awake. The only patient preparation necessary is clipping of the hair overlying the area to be scanned (ultrasound waves will not penetrate through hair) and placing a special gel on the skin surface just prior to the exam process. During the ultrasound examination, the doctor gently rubs a device that looks like a small microphone over the pet’s skin. The entire scanning process is painless and takes 30-40 minutes in a relaxed environment.

Below are a few examples of common uses for Ultrasound technology:

ultrasound machine closeup image   ultrasound machine image

Heart Disease
Cats and dogs can develop heart disease at any age, and certain breeds are more at risk. While we are not heart specialists, we can screen your pet for heart disease and advise you if a referral to a cardiologist is necessary. In addition, cats can develop heartworm disease, which can be very difficult to diagnose by blood tests alone.

Urinary Disease
Cats and dogs are prone to urinary tract infections and tumors, resulting in frequent urination or blood in the urine. The ultrasound can identify bladder stones or a tumor in the bladder, be used to obtain a sterile urine sample for analysis, and also evaluate the kidneys for abnormalities.

Cats and dogs can be screened for pregnancy as early as 21-28 days after breeding. It is true that an x-ray is better for counting the number in a litter, but the ultrasound can check to make sure that the puppies or kittens are alive if the mother is having problems.

Prostate Disease
Older, intact male dogs are prone to developing prostate problems, which can lead to difficulty urinating and defecating. The ultrasound can help identify infections, cysts, tumors and benign hypertrophy (an enlargement).

Abdominal Diseases
An ultrasound examination of your pets abdomen enables us to “look” at the size, texture and margins of the abdominal organs (liver, spleen, gall bladder, intestines, stomach, lymph nodes). Doing so can help us identify the cause of abnormalities noted on x-rays or blood tests, and can help us take biopsy samples if needed, thus avoiding general anesthesia and surgery.

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We extend a sincere invitation for you and your pets to visit our office. We are confident you will receive the finest healthcare for your pets in a professional and caring environment.

Located in the heart of Suwanee just a half mile north of the Suwanee City Hall on Buford Highway serving the Sugar Hill, Lawrenceville, Buford, Duluth, Flowery Branch and Johns Creek area Since 1989.